Discover the UPH-125 RPT Torch by Tecmo: A Comprehensive, Cost-effective, and Flexible Solution for Hypertherm ®  SYNC ®  Plasma Machines

Tecmo is thrilled to introduce our innovative UPH-125 RPT Torch, explicitly designed to address the limitations and high costs associated with the original torches on Hypertherm’s SYNC ®  plasma machines. By offering a more convenient, adaptable, and financially friendly solution, our cutting-edge UPH-125 RPT Torch is set to revolutionize how you use your plasma cutters.

When using the Hypertherm ®  SYNC ®  plasma machines, many have experienced the constraint of the patented cartridge system that comes with their original torches, making maintenance more expensive and time-consuming. The UPH-125 RPT Torch presents the perfect alternative with the following benefits:

Key Benefits of RPT HY SYNC ® TORCHES

Ease of use
Our torch design allows for a seamless swap with the standard Hypertherm ® torch, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.
Reducing overhead costs
The UPH-125 RPT Torch eliminates the need for costly patented cartridges, significantly reducing overhead costs.
Flexibility in your cutting process
Our design empowers you to use standard stand-alone consumables, granting you flexibility in your cutting process and a broader range of options when purchasing consumables.
Saving time & effort
The patented connector allows for a hassle-free switch and installation process, saving you both time and effort.