HYPERCOOLANT: the best plasma torches with coolant

If you are looking for a safe, stable and effective refrigerant, HYPERCOOLANT is the one for you. This liquid coolant is made from organic propylene glycol with added corrosion inhibitors to protect your equipment and the environment. It presents no health risks, has a high ignition temperature and can withstand freezing temperatures. It is also electrically neutral and has a pink color for easy identification.

HYPERCOOLANT is specially designed for cooling plasma torches, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Key Benefits of HYPERCOOLANT

Longer equipment life
HYPERCOOLANT's added corrosion inhibitors protect welding and plasma torches from damage, increasing their life.
Safe for workers
HYPERCOOLANT is non-toxic, non-flammable and presents no health risks, making it safe for workers to use.
Stable & Reliable
HYPERCOOLANT is stable and can withstand freezing temperatures, making it a reliable coolant option.
Prevent Overheating
HYPERCOOLANT keeps plasma torches cool, preventing overheating and damage to equipment.