Introducing our superior plasma torch replacement for the Hypertherm® OEM Powermax® line – the pinnacle of quality, performance, and longevity. Our innovative torch design offers the same exceptional cut quality, performance, and lifetime as the OEM, while utilizing our patented connection system, enabling it to be mounted directly into the OEM plasma machine.

Our plasma torch system allows for interchangeable consumable parts, with the exception of the electrode which we have designed ourselves to enhance performance. The ability to use interchangeable consumable parts allows for ease of maintenance and reduces long-term costs, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Experience a new level of cutting precision and quality with our plasma torch system, which boasts exceptional arc stability, even in the most challenging applications. Our system also offers unmatched ease of use and flexibility, allowing for seamless integration into your existing plasma-cutting equipment.

Key Benefits of RPT Hypertherm® Plasma Torches

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Flexible and Cost-Effective
The EASYFIT system eliminates the need for purchasing multiple torches with varying cable lengths, reducing costs significantly.
Quick and Easy Torch Head Replacement
The patented design of the EASYFIT system allows for quick and easy replacement of the torch head, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.
The system enables the user to operate a single torch with multiple add-ons, including the option to switch between the standard 75° handle and the 15° handle.
Reduced Downtime
The EASYFIT system's patented design enables users to quickly and easily change between torch heads, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.