We are pleased to inform you about the new product: UNICUT® disposable cartridge.

Over the years, we have realized the difficulties encountered by users and operators in the sector when it comes to using spare parts. Consumables are numerous and are not always used correctly in various applications.

We want to avoid complaints as much as possible, which represent a cost and a considerable loss of time for everyone.

To this end, we have developed these disposable cartridges, which are extremely simple and fast to replace.

These cartridges have been designed for our UPH-70/105, UPH-125 and TH-70/105, TH-125 torches.

The cartridges are available for:

  • Manual cutting
  • Automatic cutting
  • Gouging
  • Extended consumables
  • Flat cut

To make them easy to use, the cartridges are identified with a different color based on the application, and thanks to the well-visible Laser marking, the Amperage is immediately recognized.